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Phone: 9013 0483 
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Commonwealth Bank, BSB 063-133, Account 1017 8047.
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biblebiteThe Bitesize Bible series is a collection in small point form, giving you a "Bitesize" look at what each book of the Bible is all about. This series was produced by "Anushka" who has given his kind permission to present it here. As other book become available, they will be added. If you click on "Read More" to fully open an article and then wish to return to the main page again, simply scroll up and click on the logo on the left side.

About the Bible

About the Bible


Bitesize Bible Study – About the Bible

Bitesize Learning is all the rage in the UK, mainly for teenagers studying for their exams. A topic is presented in small chunks, with bullet points and easy to remember sentences. This seems to be a good way to study, so I'm going to do a series on Bitesize Bible Study. The subject matter will be fairly easy going – if you want more in-depth study on the Bible take a look at The Bible Study and see what you can find.

What is the Bible?

A collection of 66 books
Written by many different people over a period of about 1200 years
All books reflect...

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Different Versions

Different Versions of the Books of the Bible

bibleBooks of the Bible


Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)

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Those Obscure Books

What is the Point of Obscure Bible Books?


Whats the Point of those Obscure Bible Books?

As I've been doing the Bitesize Bible study series, sometimes I end up wondering what the point of reading a particular book is. There is such a variety of literature in the Bible; it's full of history, poetry, prophecy, letters, and songs, all written by many different people over a wide span of history, but not all of it seems directly relevant to the message of salvation.

If you view the Bible as a whole, its clear to see that there is a thread running through it. Right from creation you can see that there was a plan for a Saviour, and th...

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The Book of Genesis

bibleBitesize Bible Study – The Book of Genesis

What are the main events?

Creation – God created the world and its inhabitants in 6 days and rested on the 7th day
Adam and Eve – first man and woman, lived in the Garden of Eden until they broke God's law bringing the curse of death on the world
Noah – built an ark to escape the great flood sent to the earth by God to destroy its wicked population
Abraham – first of the patriarchs, he followed God's call to live in the land of Canaan and was given great promises about the future
Isaac – Abraham's son of promise, sacrificed to God at a youn...

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The Book of Exodus


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of Exodus 

What happens?

The Israelites are now a mighty nation within Egypt, slaves to Pharaoh, King of the Egyptians.
Moses' birth and early life are recorded.
Moses is chosen by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land.
After some altercations with Pharaoh the Israelites eventually leave Egypt.
The Israelites then journey to Canaan via the wilderness.
During the journey God provides the Israelites with the Law.

What well known events take place?

Chapter 3 – The Burning Bush
Chapters 7-12 – The Ten Plagues
Chapters 12-13 – Th...

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The Book of Leviticus


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of Leviticus

What does the word "Leviticus" mean?

Levi was the tribe of Israel from which the priests of Israel were chosen
The priests work, the Levitical work, was that of helping the people follow God's law, including all the rituals and sacrifices
The Book of Leviticus includes all the details about these priestly duties
The first High Priest was Aaron, the brother of Moses

How many types of sacrifice are there, and what are they for?

Generally sacrifices reminded the people that they had sinned and needed their sins taken away.
The specific sacrifice...

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The Book of Numbers


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of Numbers

Why is it called the book of Numbers?

It records two censuses of the Israelites:
One at Sinai when they received the Law
One later near to the Promised Land

What else happens in the book?

The book continues more or less where the Book of Exodus finished
The Israelites leave Sinai following the giving of the Law
They travel towards the Promised Land, Canaan, and send 12 spies in to check it out
10 of the spies come back with a negative report saying that the cities are fortified and the people are too powerful
The Israelites decide they are too sc...

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The Book of Deuteronomy


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of Deuteronomy 

What does "Deuteronomy" mean?

It means "the Law repeated"

What happens in the book?

The Israelites had now been wandering for 40 years in the wilderness
They were not far from the Promised Land
The Law had originally been given to the older generation of Israelites
They had now all died out due to lack of faith in God
Moses repeats the Law of God to the new generation – Chapters 5-26
Then Moses lists the blessings that Israel will receive if they follow his law, and the curses that will come upon them if they do not – Chapter 28

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The Book of Joshua


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of Joshua

Who is Joshua?

  • Joshua had been a personal servant of Moses, and captain of Israel's army
  • On Moses' death, God appoints Joshua as his successor
  • Joshua must now lead the people into the Promised Land
  • He is repeatedly told to "be strong and very courageous"

What happens in the book?

  • Joshua sent two spies into the Land of Canaan
  • The spies viewed the land, including Jericho, and were sheltered by a woman named Rahab
  • God parted the River Jordan so that the Israelites could pass into Canaan
  • The Israelites camped at Gilgal, where they pr...

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The Book of Judges


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book Of Judges

What is the Book of Judges about?

The book covers the period between the death of Joshua and the time of the judge Samuel, roughly 450 years.
During that time there was no king in Israel.
God was the king, and the judges were his servants who led the people.
From time to time the people would turn away from God and God would send an enemy upon the land.
The people would cry to God for help and he would set up a judge to lead them to victory.
This pattern repeated throughout the generations until the time of Samuel.

Who were the main judges of Israel?


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The Book of Ruth


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of Ruth

What happens in the book?

  • Elimelech and Naomi live in Bethlehem with their two sons, Mahlon and Chilion.
  • There was a famine in the land of Israel, so they all went to live in the land of Moab.
  • Mahlon and Chilion both married Moabite wives – Orpah and Ruth.
  • The men in the family all die, and when she hears that the famine is over, Naomi prepares to return to Bethlehem.
  • Orpah stays in Moab, but Ruth goes with Naomi.
  • They arrive in Bethlehem at harvest time, and Ruth goes to work gleaning in the fields of Boaz, a relative of Naomi.
  • Naomi...

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1 Samuel

The Book of 1 Samuel


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of 1 Samuel

What is the book about?

The book centers around three characters, Samuel, Saul and David.
It recounts their history, highlighting significant events.


Hannah, a barren woman, prays to God for a child.
Samuel is born and she dedicates his life to the service of the Lord.
Samuel becomes a prophet, priest, and judge.
The Israelites are at war with the Philistines.
The Philistine nation capture the ark of God but later return it when it brings disease and other problems on them.
The Philistines are defeated when Samuel prays to God on Israel's...

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2 Samuel

The Book of 2 Samuel

bibleBitesize Bible Study – The Book of 2 Samuel

What's the book about?

The book covers the reign of King David over the land of Israel.
He reigned in Hebron for 7 years and in Jerusalem for 33 years.
Chapters 1 – 10 detail David established as king, and God's promises to David.
Chapters 11 – 24 tell of David's great sin, and the family troubles that come on him as a consequence.

David becomes king:-

Following Saul's death, the men of Hebron anoint David as king over the southern half of the country.
Meanwhile Saul's son Ishbosheth becomes king over the northern half of the country.

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1 Kings

The Book of 1 Kings


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of 1 Kings

What happens in the book?

  • David's son Solomon becomes king of the land of Israel and reigns for 40 years.
  • Following Solomon's death the kingdom is divided in two, the south (Judah) is ruled by Solomon's son Rehoboam and the north (Israel) by a man called Jeroboam.
  • Jeroboam leads Israel into idolatry and his reign is followed by other kings who follow in his footsteps and do not follow God.
  • The prophets Elijah and Micaiah try to turn the heart of one of these kings, Ahab, back to God to no avail.

What happened during the reign of Solomon?

  • Chapter 3 – Solomon asks God to give him wisdom.
  • Chapters 5 – 8 – Solomon builds the temple in Jerusalem. It is modeled on the tabernacle.
  • Chapters 9 – 10 – Solomon becomes extremely wealthy, and the Queen of Sheba comes to visit him.
  • Chapter 11 – Solomon sins by marrying foreign wives, building up a great army of horses and chariots, and turning to idolatry.
  • God tells Solomon he will take his kingdom away from him and it will be torn in two.

What did Elisha do during the reign of king Ahab?

  • Chapter 17 – he performed a miracle for the widow of Zarephath, providing her with food to eat when she had only a handful of flour left, and also raised her son back to life following a fatal illness.
  • Chapter 18 – he competes with the prophets of Baal to see whose God is the true God – and wins.
  • Chapter 21 – he rebukes Ahab and his wife Jezebel for murdering Naboth and taking his vineyard.

What can we learn?

  • When Israel followed God the country flourished and had wealth and peace from their enemies.
  • When they departed from God the kingdom declined.
  • Wealth and peace sometimes led the people to become complacent and forget God – we should never forget to thank him for our blessings and to follow Him during good times and bad.


Read more: The Book of 1 Kings

2 Kings

The Book of 2 Kings


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of 2 Kings

What happens in the book?

The story of the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah continues.

Elijah the prophet's ministry ceases, and that of Elisha the prophet takes over.
Elisha performs many miracles in the northern kingdom of Israel.
None of the kings of Israel follow God, and the kingdom of Israel is taken into captivity by Assyria in 722 BC.
A handful of the kings of Judah do follow God, but 136 years later, the kingdom of Judah is also taken into captivity by Babylon.

What are the main miracles Elisha performed?

Increased the oil of a w...

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1 Chronicles

The Book of 1 Chronicles


Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of 2 Chronicles

Isn't 1 Chronicles just a repeat of the Books of Kings?

1 Kings and 2 Kings are history books, mainly reciting the facts of the kings of Israel and Judah, and associated prophets.
1 Chronicles is in the form of a journal of events, and adds supplementary information and detail to that information provided in Kings.

1 Chronicles only deals with the southern kingdom of Judah, where the line of David is continued.
The genealogy at the beginning of the book reminds the people of Judah of their heritage with the Lord, and that they alone are&n...

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2 Chronicles

The Book of 2 Chronicles

Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of 2 Chronicles

What is covered in this book?

bible2 Chronicles commences with the reign of Solomon, and finishes with the carrying away into captivity of Judah.
Much of the material in 2 Chronicles is also covered by 1 and 2 Kings.
The emphasis in 2 Chronicles is spiritual and focuses on the worship of God, whereas 1 and 2 Kings have greater emphasis on the political and military activities of the kings.
Like 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles only deals with the southern kingdom of Judah.
In chapters 1-9 Solomon becomes king and builds the temple.
In chapters 10-12 the r...

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The Book of Ezra

bibleBitesize Bible Study – The Book of Ezra

What happens in the book?

The Jews in captivity in Babylon were given permission to return to the land of Israel by Cyrus, King of Persia.
The first wave of people was led back by Zerubabbel the prince, and Joshua the High Priest.
They rebuilt the temple, but suffered opposition whilst so doing.
The prophets Haggai and Zechariah encouraged the people to finish building the temple.
Ezra brings a second wave of Jews back to the land, some years later.
He brings spiritual reform, and sorts out problems that had arisen in respect of inter-marriage.
Who was...

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The Book of Nehemiah

bibleBitesize Bible Study – The Book of Nehemiah

Who was Nehemiah?

Nehemiah was a contemporary of Ezra.
He was born in exile and became cupbearer to the Persian king Artaxerxes.

What happens in the book?

Many Jews had returned to the land of Israel from exile.
The events in the book of Ezra took place about 11 years earlier.
The work of rebuilding Jerusalem has slowed down due to external opposition and internal apathy.
Nehemiah is sad to hear of this state of affairs and prays for Jerusalem and for the people.
The king asks why he is sad and then gives him permission to go to Jerusalem to rebuil...

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